Ways You Can Improve Your Home Value in Durham, NC

Thinking about updating your home can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many renovation projects to choose from. Any changes you make should be an improvement, not a detriment – but it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re on a budget. At Gerald Jones Company, we offer the following [...]

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Winterize Your Home

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year, which means soon it will also be the coldest. If you are a homeowner, you know this means more than just switching from your air conditioning to heating. It means you likely have a few tasks around your home to prepare it for cold, dry air [...]

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Rain Rain, Go Away!

For those of us living on the east coast, the constant rain throughout the months of July and August have interfered with outside time and summer vacations. For homeowners, it’s also created a number of other problems that can come with high amounts of wind and rain, resulting in damage to their homes. If you [...]

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Recovering from Winter Damage

The East Coast saw the most snow it’s had in years this winter, and some homes are really feeling the effects of the colder weather. As you emerge from winter hibernation and start to prepare for warmer weather and spring projects, there are some areas of your home you may want to examine for winter [...]

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Have A Safe Home This Winter

While winter can bring memories of joy and cheer, family traditions and holiday fun, it also means potentially hazardous weather conditions. At the beginning of the year, even Raleigh and Dunham saw a significant amount of snow and sleet. Winter weather prompts most people to prepare for driving in dangerous conditions, but many people may [...]

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Take The Scare Out Of Colder Temperatures

It is now October and you may be reviewing all of the different tasks ahead to prepare your home for colder temperatures. Work must be done in the yard, on the car and on the house itself to keep everything in good condition come spring. However, nothing is more frightening than drafty doors and windows [...]

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September Siding

Has the outside of your home taken a beating after spring pollen and summer storms? Does the look of your home seem outdated and doesn’t stand out compared to your neighbors? Do you want your friends and family to be impressed by your home’s curb appeal this holiday season? If you answered “yes” to any [...]

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Have you seen our latest product offering?

We are happy to announce that Gerald Jones is now carrying a new product! We are working with Mirage Screen Systems to provide retractable screens for doors. This system is available for almost any door, and can also be installed with the Mirage HydraGlide, a retractable screen slow-close speed reducer that slows the return of the screen [...]

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Invest In Quality With Gerald Jones

The older our home gets, the more maintenance it seems to need. Repair costs and upgrades can add up quickly. When it comes to a home improvement project or repair, you get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean you have to drain your financial resources to do so. With tax refunds hitting your [...]

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Add Security and Style to Your Home with a Storm Door

With Hurricane Matthew threatening the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic region, homeowners naturally become more aware of how susceptible their home is to damage from the elements - hurricanes or otherwise.  One home improvement option we recommend is installing a storm door to protect your front door from the elements, and add security and value to [...]

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