Rain Rain, Go Away!

For those of us living on the east coast, the constant rain throughout the months of July and August have interfered with outside time and summer vacations. For homeowners, it’s also created a number of other problems that can come with high amounts of wind and rain, resulting in damage to their homes. If you [...]

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Mid-Year Check In

In January, we wrote about the benefits of a complete overhaul in order to accomplish your home goals in 2018. Well, we are officially halfway through the year, which means it’s time to look back and see what you’ve accomplished! We understand that even if you intended to take the plunge and begin a complete [...]

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Make Summer Heat Relaxing

Nothing can be more uncomfortable on a blistering summer day than not being able to feel relief from the heat in your own home. You wake up with the sun and make your coffee, while outside temperatures slowly begin to rise. By midmorning you realize your house is getting warmer, too.  This is the part [...]

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How Do I Make My Home Quieter?

One of the unexpected side benefits of home improvement updates is often noise reduction inside the home. If you have a noisy neighborhood dog, traffic noises from a busy road or similar sound intrusion, there’s a good chance we can help with replacement doors, windows and siding. Replacement Windows  Older homes often have just a [...]

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Resolve to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home in 2017

Cold weather may have much of your outdoor landscape looking a little drab, but you don't need warmer days to ensure that passer-bys take a second look at your home. By making changes now and planning exterior upgrades for 2017, you can love your home and yard more than ever this year! Consider these tips [...]

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Reviews Tell the Story

The construction industry sometimes has a bad reputation, which is one of the reasons we work so hard to make sure we exceed our customers' expectations.  We love the work we do, and we're always honored to get feedback, like this replacement window review from Morgan W.: "Excellent service! Todd was prompt to respond to [...]

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