Mid-Year Check In

In January, we wrote about the benefits of a complete overhaul in order to accomplish your home goals in 2018. Well, we are officially halfway through the year, which means it’s time to look back and see what you’ve accomplished!

We understand that even if you intended to take the plunge and begin a complete overhaul of your home, sometimes life gets in the way. Now that it’s summer and the days are longer and kids are out of school, it’s a great time to use your spare hours to begin tasks that you just haven’t been able to tackle yet. Here are a few areas of your home to consider, especially as you spend more time outside during the warmer months:

  1. Your energy costs. Are your energy bills especially high? If you noticed a spike over the winter, but haven’t gotten around to replacing your windows, now is the time. Temperatures are still rising, and the hottest month is yet to come. Whether it’s storm windows, sliding windows or casement windows, the experts at Gerald Jones can get the job done quickly and help your home run efficiently again.
  2. Your backyard. Have you been spending little to no time in your backyard because it just isn’t suitable for fun in the sun? July means the sun is hot and ticks are out, and it is exactly the right time to enjoy the comfort and shade of an outdoor living space.
  3. Repairs. Repairs you didn’t get to at the start of the year are guaranteed to be worse now. Issues with roofing, siding and gutters can lead to even bigger problems, so it’s time to start tackling your list of repairs.

Our experts at Gerald Jones Company are ready to help you complete your projects this month to help you accomplish your goals in 2018. Give us a call at (919) 286-1700 or fill out our online form to learn about the options available for your home.

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Last month, we wrote about the importance of replacing damaged shingles on your roof to ensure your home is protected from future damage like mold, stains and wood rot. However, more than ever, homeowners are searching for ways to protect their homes and minimize damage from storm winds and rain throughout the summer. They want to know, “How can I protect the other areas of my home from hurricane damage?”

So, how else can you prepare your home for hurricane season?

  1. Check your windows and doors. Just like your roofing, damaged windows and doors can become worse during a storm. If you’ve noticed any signs of leaking or water damage in the past, or even just notice higher energy bills because cool air is escaping during the summer, it is a good idea to look into having your windows replaced.
  2. Clean your gutters. If you haven’t checked them in a while, it’s time to take a look at your gutters. Clogged gutters are one of biggest ways damage to your home’s foundation, and no one should climb up a ladder in the middle of a storm to unclog them once water starts building up.
  3. Storm doors and windows. Many homeowners have storm doors and windows to allow more light into their home and add extra insulation to block air flow. Their most important feature, though, is to protect your door or glass from a storm. Find out more about our storm door and window installation services.
  4. Retractable awning. If you want the enjoyment of a shaded area during the summer but are worried about high winds causing tears, a retractable awning is a great option! You’ll be able to roll it up before the storm hits, preventing damage from debris.

Give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700 or use our online form to find out how we can help protect your home during the next hurricane!

Preparing for the Next Storm

In 2017, the south and east coast saw some of the most intense rain and hurricanes in years. This year, we are already experiencing weeks of heavy rainfall and wind that can cause damage to homes, especially roofing.

If your roof shingles have come loose, blown away, or become cracked or moldy, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll repair or replace them before the next big storm.

It may seem counter-intuitive to replace shingles if there is a risk of more destruction to your roof, but high amounts of rain to an already damaged roof can lead to bigger problems. Leaks into your attic can cause longer-term, harder-to-fix problems like mold, ceiling stains in the interior of your home, wood rot and more.

Did you know that Gerald Jones provides expertise to all aspects of roof replacement, roof shingles and more? We specialize in Atlas shingles, which are specially designed to stand up to the toughest wind (up to 150 mph) and weather conditions. This means that after you’ve had your roofing replaced, you won’t need to worry about the shingle issues you’ve experienced in previous storms. You’ll save money by avoiding the water-damage that can come with missing shingles, and also by preventing future problems.

If you need a North Carolina roofing contractor to repair or replace your roofing before the next big storm, give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700  or use our online form to schedule a free estimate today.

Upgrades for Warmer Weather

Have been enjoying your home so far this spring? The weather is finally warm enough to spend more time outside and let the fresh air into your home, and if you haven’t gotten to the updates you need to make that happen, now is the time! Don’t let another spring and summer go to waste because your home isn’t where you want it to be in your upgrade process.

Have you always wished for a place to lay out in the sun or enjoy a family meal? Are you ready to be able to walk outside without having to put on shoes or worry about tracking dirt and mud into the house? Give us a call to talk to one of our experts about how adding a deck or screened porch to your home can extend your living space and add more outside enjoyment time on warm days.

Do you wish you could open your backdoor to let fresh air in or keep a better eye on children without having to worry about bugs getting in or pets running out? A retractable screen door may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Our Mirage Screen System is perfect for families, too, with a slower retractable speed that minimizes the chance of fingers or small hands getting pinched as the screen is closing.

Does your backyard have an existing patio or pool surround that you’d like to be more shaded for extended pool time without worry of sun exposure or heat? A simple, affordable way to maximize your existing outdoor space is to add a patio cover. Whether you prefer a pergola or arbor style treated hardwood patio cover, our design and build experts will help you find a cover that is both functional and fits your style.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home and get the most enjoyment out of warm weather this year, give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700 today for your free estimate! 

Your Spring Checklist

If you’re like everyone else emerging from their winter den this month, you’re probably thinking about all of the spring cleaning you’ll need to get started on. It’s time to open up the windows and let fresh air in, switch your bedding to those light, summer linens, and get rid of the dust, grime and damage that has built up over the winter!

You’ll likely want the exterior of your home looking as clean and new as the interior of your home after spring cleaning. But where should you start? Here is our spring checklist when cleaning and checking for damage:

1.     Roofing and siding: The roofing and siding are the biggest areas of your home’s exterior, and therefor are the most noticeable when they are dirty or damaged. Having stained siding or missing shingles can make your entire home look messy, even when the rest is pristine.

2.     Deck and railings: During the warm and cold cycles of spring with days of sun and snow, your deck and railings can grow a layer of mildew from moisture. It’s time to break out the pressure washer and clean these areas before hosting that first summer backyard barbeque!

3.     Screened porches: Most likely, you weren’t using your screened porch much throughout the winter. This means your outdoor furniture and screen may have a good amount of dirt and dust on it. Be sure to give these areas a nice rinse and check your screen for any tears before the spring pollen and bugs arrive!

As always, if you’re checking off your exterior spring cleaning list and notice any damage, or want to add a new outdoor living space as the weather warms, give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700 today for your free estimate! 

Recovering from Winter Damage

The East Coast saw the most snow it’s had in years this winter, and some homes are really feeling the effects of the colder weather. As you emerge from winter hibernation and start to prepare for warmer weather and spring projects, there are some areas of your home you may want to examine for winter damage and tackle first. Here are the ones to check:

1.     Gutters: If you’ve neglected your gutters by letting them pull away from the roof or collect leaves, winter can double the damage. Gutters full of snow and ice can cause ice dams and become weighed down, and falling even farther from the roof. If you notice damage to your gutters from snow and ice buildup, it’s time to have them replaced.

2.     Roofing: The same ice dams creating problems for your gutters can create even bigger problems for your roofing. Ice dams can block melting snow water, causing it to back up under shingles and siding, leading to damage and bringing moisture into your attic. If your roof already needs work, the weight of snow and freezing and thawing cycles can widen cracks and bring down shingles.

3.     Windows: While the glass on a window isn’t likely to become damaged during the winter, the sealing and frames are susceptible to damage from moisture. Cycles of dry air and moisture can rot the materials around windows, which can drive up energy bills by letting cold air in during winter and cold air out during warmer months. Having your windows replaced now will ensure a more comfortable, worry-free spring!

If you find damage in any of these areas and are ready to confront the problem now to save yourself from stress and make room for more projects this spring and summer, call the experts at Gerald Jones Company! To receive a free estimate, contact us at (919) 286-1700 or use our online form.

What Will You Accomplish in 2018?

We are officially well into 2018, which means it is one of the most popular times of the year to make lifestyle changes through New Year’s Resolutions. Many resolutions focus on health and well-being, with goals of complete diet and exercise changes or money-saving solutions. You may be considering ways you can improve yourself and your surroundings this month, including your home.

If you’ve always had a vision of the home you’d like to live in, but haven’t gotten around to actually putting your plans in action, now is the time to do so. January is a time of renewal, and starting an overhaul of your home is the perfect way to start the year.

  • Less mess. Getting everything done at once or phases by our professionals means the job will be done fast and you’ll have the rest of the year to focus on other fun and events you have planned. It means you’ll have less mess around your home and yard, leaving you to enjoy how your home looks through the process.
  • A uniform look. Instead of having one new area of your home while the rest of your home seems lackluster, you’ll have a cohesive, complete look that makes your home look brand new! Our experts can help you pick out the perfect doors, windows, siding, decks and more to match your style and look great together.
  • Increased energy efficiency and more money saved. Waiting until the absolute last minute to have your windows and doors replaced means you are sure to have wasted money on higher energy bills. Replacing them all now, at the same time ensures that your home will be efficient through every season this year, keeping you comfortable.
  • Cost efficiency. If you know you’ll be working on a lot of different projects this year, planning to get them all done at once will save you money on the cost of having technicians come to your home multiple times.

Our experts at Gerald Jones Company are ready to help you complete your projects this month to help you accomplish your goals in 2018. Give us a call at (919) 286-1700 or fill out our online form to learn about the options available for your home.

Have A Safe Home This Winter

While winter can bring memories of joy and cheer, family traditions and holiday fun, it also means potentially hazardous weather conditions. At the beginning of the year, even Raleigh and Dunham saw a significant amount of snow and sleet. Winter weather prompts most people to prepare for driving in dangerous conditions, but many people may not think about steps they can take to make their home safer too.

There are few small measures you can take to ensure your home will be safe during icy and snowy conditions. Before temperatures begin dropping, check to see if you have rock salt, a snow shovel and a windshield scraper on hand. If not, purchase these items in advance for a worry-free winter. When snow begins to fall, get a smart start by lifting your windshield wipers and placing the salt on walkways, steps and a path to your car.

However, even salting porches and steps won’t make them slip-proof. It can sometimes be impossible to keep up with snowfall, especially after a long, cold winter night. To keep yourself and your family safe and prevent injuries from slippery ice, the best measure you can take is installing deck and porch railing. A railing is useful year-round, but will ensure that you have something steady to hold on to when braving the ice and snow, and is especially helpful for those with younger children and elderly relatives.

We offer a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from, and carry the highest quality materials for our railings that will withstand the test of time, salt and freezing and cooling periods. Our experts will help you choose the best brand, style and color for your home! To get a free estimate on outdoor railing installation, contact one of our experienced sales representatives at (919) 286-1700.

Enjoy the Outdoors, Even During Colder Months

Spending time outdoors in the sun has been proven to be good for our health and well-being, and sometimes our own backyard is the best place to relax. As it gets colder, it can be tough to get outside, especially when doing so requires lots of bundling up.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy nature without having to endure the cold is by adding a sunroom to your home! Imagine stepping out on a crisp fall morning onto your bright, warm outdoor space. You’ll get a nice dose of vitamin D from the sun without ever having to exit the house!  You can curl up with a good book or movie and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures while still getting all the benefits of being surrounded by natural sunlight and beautiful fall foliage. In the winter on snowy days, you can keep an eye on children playing outside and take in the sights of your backyard winter wonderland, without having to get cold and wet.

A sunroom also extends the living space in your home, while providing a warm space outdoors to increase family time together as it draws everyone into one area. This space can be great for get-togethers, family dinners, or even a playroom for children or grandchildren. With protection from weather conditions, you can customize a sunroom to fit your personal style and interests without having to worry about damaging your furniture.

Gerald Jones Company offers a wide variety of sunroom designs, customizable to your home, with the latest energy efficient materials to ensure comfortable temperatures on even the coldest days. If you’re ready to have enjoy the sights of nature from the comfort and warmth of a new sunroom, contact us at (919) 286-1700 for a free, no-obligation estimate today!

Take The Scare Out Of Colder Temperatures

It is now October and you may be reviewing all of the different tasks ahead to prepare your home for colder temperatures. Work must be done in the yard, on the car and on the house itself to keep everything in good condition come spring. However, nothing is more frightening than drafty doors and windows that run up your energy bill high and leave you and your family chilly in your own home.

The last thing you want during a holiday party or dinner is for guests to feel uncomfortable! Here are a few ways to keep the “scare” out of colder temperatures:

·Insulated Siding: Five times more energy efficient than ordinary vinyl siding, insulated siding will keep you warm this winter and save you money by maintaining interior temperatures. This siding also increases your home value and requires little maintenance.

·Replacement Doors and Windows: With similar benefits to insulated siding, you’ll find that storm doors and windows help keep your home warmer during cold temperatures. These doors and windows come in a variety of styles, colors and materials to fit your home’s look, while reducing air movement, preventing drafty rooms and keeping your energy bill low.

·Small Measures: A few small tasks can quickly help you stay warmer on cold days. For instance, pen curtains to let the sun help warm your home naturally. You can also reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to pull cool air upwards. If you have wooden floors, consider placing more rugs around your home to keep heat from escaping through cracks, and to just keep your feet warm! If there are other areas of your home that feel drafty, adding more insulation or caulk will keep warm air in.

If you’re ready to install insulated siding or storm windows and doors to keep you and your family warm and your energy bills low this fall and winter, call the experts at Gerald Jones Company  at  (919) 286-1700 for a free, no obligation estimate today!

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