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Getting Ready for Fall

September is the awkward month between Summer and Fall, where many people are ready for cooler temperatures and pumpkin-flavored items, but the weather is still humid and warm. It may not be the ideal month for outdoor activities, but it IS the ideal month to get your home ready for fall. Here are a few [...]

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Rain Rain, Go Away!

For those of us living on the east coast, the constant rain throughout the months of July and August have interfered with outside time and summer vacations. For homeowners, it’s also created a number of other problems that can come with high amounts of wind and rain, resulting in damage to their homes. If you [...]

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Mid-Year Check In

In January, we wrote about the benefits of a complete overhaul in order to accomplish your home goals in 2018. Well, we are officially halfway through the year, which means it’s time to look back and see what you’ve accomplished! We understand that even if you intended to take the plunge and begin a complete [...]

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Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Last month, we wrote about the importance of replacing damaged shingles on your roof to ensure your home is protected from future damage like mold, stains and wood rot. However, more than ever, homeowners are searching for ways to protect their homes and minimize damage from storm winds and rain throughout the summer. They want [...]

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Preparing for the Next Storm

In 2017, the south and east coast saw some of the most intense rain and hurricanes in years. This year, we are already experiencing weeks of heavy rainfall and wind that can cause damage to homes, especially roofing. If your roof shingles have come loose, blown away, or become cracked or moldy, it’s time to [...]

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Upgrades for Warmer Weather

Have been enjoying your home so far this spring? The weather is finally warm enough to spend more time outside and let the fresh air into your home, and if you haven’t gotten to the updates you need to make that happen, now is the time! Don’t let another spring and summer go to waste [...]

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Your Spring Checklist

If you’re like everyone else emerging from their winter den this month, you’re probably thinking about all of the spring cleaning you’ll need to get started on. It’s time to open up the windows and let fresh air in, switch your bedding to those light, summer linens, and get rid of the dust, grime and [...]

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Recovering from Winter Damage

The East Coast saw the most snow it’s had in years this winter, and some homes are really feeling the effects of the colder weather. As you emerge from winter hibernation and start to prepare for warmer weather and spring projects, there are some areas of your home you may want to examine for winter [...]

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What Will You Accomplish in 2018?

We are officially well into 2018, which means it is one of the most popular times of the year to make lifestyle changes through New Year’s Resolutions. Many resolutions focus on health and well-being, with goals of complete diet and exercise changes or money-saving solutions. You may be considering ways you can improve yourself and [...]

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Have A Safe Home This Winter

While winter can bring memories of joy and cheer, family traditions and holiday fun, it also means potentially hazardous weather conditions. At the beginning of the year, even Raleigh and Dunham saw a significant amount of snow and sleet. Winter weather prompts most people to prepare for driving in dangerous conditions, but many people may [...]

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