It is important to pay attention to the condition of the exterior of your home so that you can detect small problems before they turn into major repairs. Here are a few key areas to keep an eye on to protect your home.


Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home from moisture and maintaining energy efficiency. The easiest damage to spot is loose or missing shingles, which can be common after a major weather event. These will need to be patched and repaired before water is allowed to seep into the lower layers of the roof.

Windows and Doors

Cracks and gaps can form around windows and doors. These spaces allow moisture and pests to enter the home. Gaps can also make it harder to heat and cool your home properly. Be sure to fill cracks and gaps with caulk or call a professional to make the necessary repairs. 


Weather can cause damage to gutters and downspouts and prevent water from being directed away from your home. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can also clog gutters and affect drainage. Be sure to regularly clean out your gutters and inspect them for any signs of damage. 


Inspect your siding for any signs of loose boards, warping, cracking, or mold. One or two loose boards can probably be easily repaired, but if the problem is more extensive, it might be time to start thinking about replacing your siding altogether. Small cracks can be sealed, but you may want to have a professional inspect the problem to ensure that there isn’t any further damage. In addition, mold should be cleaned off a couple of times a year.  

If you want some professional help with assessing any signs of damage to the exterior of your home, be sure to call the experts at Gerald Jones Company