It is all too common for a home to need both siding and windows replaced at the same time. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to choose, but not everyone has the budget to take on both projects. Fortunately, there is a clear choice when it comes to deciding what to replace.

Start with the Windows

Most windows are surrounded with capping, which is a protective cover that is usually made from aluminum. If you have your siding installed first, the capping can easily become damaged and new capping will have to be added. Once you have your windows installed, the capping will have to be done all over again, so essentially, you are doubling an expense. 

Windows also come with a moisture barrier that is installed behind the siding. In order to properly install it, some of the siding has to be removed. Most people would much rather have some of their old siding removed than taking off brand-new siding.  

In addition, installing new windows will provide more immediate benefits than replacing your siding. Windows are essential to insulating your home, preventing drafts, and keeping your indoor air temperatures comfortable. With new windows, you can save on monthly utility bills and the new windows will still be a great aesthetic improvement. 

Consider the Condition 

While experts will recommend that you start by replacing your windows, it is still important to consider the condition of your siding and your windows. Your siding also plays a key role in protecting your home and if it is in much worse shape and causing further damage, you will want to replace the siding first.

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