Sunrooms can make a great addition to any home and provide some indoor/outdoor space. You will be able to soak up the sun and enjoy the best of the outdoors without having to deal with bugs and pests. As you think about designing your custom sunroom, be sure to think about how you want to use the space. This will affect a lot of other design decisions. Here are some other things to consider when designing your new sunroom.

Energy Efficiency

You want to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your sunroom, but all the doors and windows can make the room less energy efficient. You may want to install a small split HVAC system so that you can operate it separately from the rest of the home.


Of course, windows are going to be the most important factor in your sunroom. Consider purchasing low-E windows that can help prevent fading so that your carpets, pillows, and furniture will continue to look like new.

You will also need to think about how you want to utilize operational windows and direct set windows that can’t be opened and closed. Most sunrooms combine both types of windows, so you will want to be strategic about where you place each kind in the room for maximum airflow.

Roof Style

Ideally, you want to mimic the existing style of the house when you make an addition. This could mean adding a simple slope or a more ornate gabled roof. 


If you are a morning person, you may want an east-facing room so that you can catch the sunrise. With a west-facing sunroom, you will be able to watch sunsets. During the winter, a south-facing room will absorb all the sun and stay warmer, but this also means more heat once summer hits.   

At Gerald Jones Company, we have years of experience helping homeowners install new sunrooms. We can help guide you through design decisions and make sure that your sunroom is expertly installed. Contact us today to get started.