Your front door makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home and can provide some valuable curb appeal. You will be amazed at how upgrading from a plain front door and incorporating some modern design ideas can transform your front facade. Here are just some of the new design ideas that are becoming more popular.

Modern Glass Designs

Front doors that feature glass panels will make the front room feel more spacious and let in light. If you are worried about privacy, you can opt for glass that will reduce visibility while still allowing plenty of light to pass through.

Once you have decided on a modern glass design, the options are practically limitless. You can use a glass insert at just the top of the door or opt for columns of glass panels. One of the new trends in front door design is staggered glass panels. Alternating the size of panels and staggering them like bricks will help create a more interesting visual and make your home unique.

Farmhouse Style Doors

If you have a more rustic-looking home that utilizes craftsman or farmhouse style details, you can carry this theme into the front door. A class “X” design and wood panels stained in a natural color can create a barn door feel.


Another way to let in more light and create more of a statement with your front door is to install sidelites. As with doors, there are a variety of styles and options so you can find something that enhances your existing architecture.  

If you are interested in improving your front door with new design ideas, contact the experts at Gerald Jones Company. Our experienced experts can help you find the design that best suits your home and help install your new door.