When shopping for exterior doors, it can seem like the style and overall appearance are the biggest deciding factors. However, it is important to remember that not all door manufacturers and companies are created the same. ProVia doors offer several major benefits that are worth considering.

ProVia Prioritizes Environmental Stewardship

Installing energy-efficient doors and windows in your home will reduce energy use and help support the environment, but it is also important to consider the impact the manufacturing process has on the environment. In addition to creating energy-efficient products, ProVia is also proactive about improving its manufacturing practices and spearheading a variety of initiatives. Customers can feel good about investing in ProVia and its products. Here are just a few examples:

  • Three ProVia production facilities are powered by solar panels. 
  • ProVia utilizes a liquid blowing agent from Honeywell to lower the potential for global warming and improve energy efficiency.
  • A company-wide recycling program supports lasting sustainability.
  • As part of its pollution prevention program, ProVia works to minimize the use of solvents.
  • The TriPac Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System works to limit the amount of fuel consumed by trucks. 

ProVia works to ensure that they are supporting a company culture of environmental stewardship. Employees are always developing new ways to improve the production process, educate consumers about ways to save energy, and help environmentally-friendly ProVia products make their way into more homes.

Consumers can feel good about shopping with a company that is conscious of its environmental impact and committed to making continuous improvements. If you are interested in learning more about ProVia doors and products and how they can help you create a more efficient home, contact the experts at Gerald Jones Company. We work with homeowners throughout Durham and the Triangle to upgrade their homes and increase efficiency.