Unfortunately, many new-build homes are outfitted with builder-grade windows. These windows may be great for the builder’s budget, but they don’t do much for new homeowners who are left with low-quality windows. Check out these 9 compelling reasons to replace your builder-grade windows that may convince you it is worth the added expense. 

Poor Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is better for the environment and allows you to save on your monthly energy bills. Builder-grade windows mean that it will cost you more to heat and cool your home.

Uncomfortable Home

An inefficient home isn’t just more expensive, it is less comfortable. Drafty windows and poor weather stripping make it harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Improper Installation

Oftentimes, builder-grade windows aren’t installed by window professionals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This can mean that they aren’t level, square, or properly sealed.

Not Durable

One of the benefits of investing in high-quality windows is that they will last. Builder-grade windows can start significantly degrading in just five years.

Easily Malfunction

You don’t want to have to battle with faulty windows every time you want some fresh air. 

Security Risk

Faulty hardware can also mean that window locks aren’t secure. This can leave your family more susceptible to theft.

Poor UV Protection

Without UV protection from your windows, your carpet, drapes, and furniture will fade and age more quickly. 

Limited Warranties

Builder-grade windows tend to come with short warranties that are full of stipulations. You may not be able to get any help if there are major problems with the windows. 

Poor Views

Lower-quality windows are more likely to turn foggy during the right weather conditions, which will make it difficult for you to enjoy the views. 

If you are unhappy with your builder-grade windows or just ready for replacements, call the experts at Gerald Jones Company. We can help you choose the right products and provide expert installation. Call us today.