The year is coming to an end, and soon the holiday season will be over. Thankfully, we still have the excitement of a new year to look forward to! A new year also means it’s time to start creating your resolutions – what do you want to accomplish in 2019?

You may not realize it, but your home has a lot to do with your daily routine and the goals you set for yourself. If you’re starting to plan your year, consider these changes to make on your home based on your resolutions:

For relaxation: Whether it’s because you have children, you work too much or there is just a lot going on in your life, you may be looking for ways to relieve stress in the new year. Relaxing and reducing your stress levels can help you sleep better, help your body feel better and put your mind at ease. One way you can help yourself relax is to create a new space outside where you can meditate, read or nap with fresh air all around. Sunrooms, patios and screened porches are all great options.

For more free time: If you’re picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill in the new year, you may need to free up some time to work on your goals. Creating a lower-maintenance home by tackling those yearly chores early or using products like a gutter guard means you’ll spend less time on tasks you don’t enjoy.

 For more time together: If you’re goal is to spend more time with family and friends, it’s time to turn your home into The Place to Be. Make your home the center of entertainment with indoor fun for rainy days and outdoor spaces for good weather.

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