In 2017, the south and east coast saw some of the most intense rain and hurricanes in years. This year, we are already experiencing weeks of heavy rainfall and wind that can cause damage to homes, especially roofing.

If your roof shingles have come loose, blown away, or become cracked or moldy, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll repair or replace them before the next big storm.

It may seem counter-intuitive to replace shingles if there is a risk of more destruction to your roof, but high amounts of rain to an already damaged roof can lead to bigger problems. Leaks into your attic can cause longer-term, harder-to-fix problems like mold, ceiling stains in the interior of your home, wood rot and more.

Did you know that Gerald Jones provides expertise to all aspects of roof replacement, roof shingles and more? We specialize in Atlas shingles, which are specially designed to stand up to the toughest wind (up to 150 mph) and weather conditions. This means that after you’ve had your roofing replaced, you won’t need to worry about the shingle issues you’ve experienced in previous storms. You’ll save money by avoiding the water-damage that can come with missing shingles, and also by preventing future problems.

If you need a North Carolina roofing contractor to repair or replace your roofing before the next big storm, give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700  or use our online form to schedule a free estimate today.