If you’re like everyone else emerging from their winter den this month, you’re probably thinking about all of the spring cleaning you’ll need to get started on. It’s time to open up the windows and let fresh air in, switch your bedding to those light, summer linens, and get rid of the dust, grime and damage that has built up over the winter!

You’ll likely want the exterior of your home looking as clean and new as the interior of your home after spring cleaning. But where should you start? Here is our spring checklist when cleaning and checking for damage:

1.     Roofing and siding: The roofing and siding are the biggest areas of your home’s exterior, and therefor are the most noticeable when they are dirty or damaged. Having stained siding or missing shingles can make your entire home look messy, even when the rest is pristine.

2.     Deck and railings: During the warm and cold cycles of spring with days of sun and snow, your deck and railings can grow a layer of mildew from moisture. It’s time to break out the pressure washer and clean these areas before hosting that first summer backyard barbeque!

3.     Screened porches: Most likely, you weren’t using your screened porch much throughout the winter. This means your outdoor furniture and screen may have a good amount of dirt and dust on it. Be sure to give these areas a nice rinse and check your screen for any tears before the spring pollen and bugs arrive!

As always, if you’re checking off your exterior spring cleaning list and notice any damage, or want to add a new outdoor living space as the weather warms, give the experts at Gerald Jones a call at (919) 286-1700 today for your free estimate!