The East Coast saw the most snow it’s had in years this winter, and some homes are really feeling the effects of the colder weather. As you emerge from winter hibernation and start to prepare for warmer weather and spring projects, there are some areas of your home you may want to examine for winter damage and tackle first. Here are the ones to check:

1.     Gutters: If you’ve neglected your gutters by letting them pull away from the roof or collect leaves, winter can double the damage. Gutters full of snow and ice can cause ice dams and become weighed down, and falling even farther from the roof. If you notice damage to your gutters from snow and ice buildup, it’s time to have them replaced.

2.     Roofing: The same ice dams creating problems for your gutters can create even bigger problems for your roofing. Ice dams can block melting snow water, causing it to back up under shingles and siding, leading to damage and bringing moisture into your attic. If your roof already needs work, the weight of snow and freezing and thawing cycles can widen cracks and bring down shingles.

3.     Windows: While the glass on a window isn’t likely to become damaged during the winter, the sealing and frames are susceptible to damage from moisture. Cycles of dry air and moisture can rot the materials around windows, which can drive up energy bills by letting cold air in during winter and cold air out during warmer months. Having your windows replaced now will ensure a more comfortable, worry-free spring!

If you find damage in any of these areas and are ready to confront the problem now to save yourself from stress and make room for more projects this spring and summer, call the experts at Gerald Jones Company! To receive a free estimate, contact us at (919) 286-1700 or use our online form.