While winter can bring memories of joy and cheer, family traditions and holiday fun, it also means potentially hazardous weather conditions. At the beginning of the year, even Raleigh and Dunham saw a significant amount of snow and sleet. Winter weather prompts most people to prepare for driving in dangerous conditions, but many people may not think about steps they can take to make their home safer too.

There are few small measures you can take to ensure your home will be safe during icy and snowy conditions. Before temperatures begin dropping, check to see if you have rock salt, a snow shovel and a windshield scraper on hand. If not, purchase these items in advance for a worry-free winter. When snow begins to fall, get a smart start by lifting your windshield wipers and placing the salt on walkways, steps and a path to your car.

However, even salting porches and steps won’t make them slip-proof. It can sometimes be impossible to keep up with snowfall, especially after a long, cold winter night. To keep yourself and your family safe and prevent injuries from slippery ice, the best measure you can take is installing deck and porch railing. A railing is useful year-round, but will ensure that you have something steady to hold on to when braving the ice and snow, and is especially helpful for those with younger children and elderly relatives.

We offer a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from, and carry the highest quality materials for our railings that will withstand the test of time, salt and freezing and cooling periods. Our experts will help you choose the best brand, style and color for your home! To get a free estimate on outdoor railing installation, contact one of our experienced sales representatives at (919) 286-1700.