It is now October and you may be reviewing all of the different tasks ahead to prepare your home for colder temperatures. Work must be done in the yard, on the car and on the house itself to keep everything in good condition come spring. However, nothing is more frightening than drafty doors and windows that run up your energy bill high and leave you and your family chilly in your own home.

The last thing you want during a holiday party or dinner is for guests to feel uncomfortable! Here are a few ways to keep the “scare” out of colder temperatures:

·Insulated Siding: Five times more energy efficient than ordinary vinyl siding, insulated siding will keep you warm this winter and save you money by maintaining interior temperatures. This siding also increases your home value and requires little maintenance.

·Replacement Doors and Windows: With similar benefits to insulated siding, you’ll find that storm doors and windows help keep your home warmer during cold temperatures. These doors and windows come in a variety of styles, colors and materials to fit your home’s look, while reducing air movement, preventing drafty rooms and keeping your energy bill low.

·Small Measures: A few small tasks can quickly help you stay warmer on cold days. For instance, pen curtains to let the sun help warm your home naturally. You can also reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to pull cool air upwards. If you have wooden floors, consider placing more rugs around your home to keep heat from escaping through cracks, and to just keep your feet warm! If there are other areas of your home that feel drafty, adding more insulation or caulk will keep warm air in.

If you’re ready to install insulated siding or storm windows and doors to keep you and your family warm and your energy bills low this fall and winter, call the experts at Gerald Jones Company  at  (919) 286-1700 for a free, no obligation estimate today!