2017 is a record year for ticks, according to the New York Times. North Carolina itself has experienced a large number of ticks this year because of a mild winter and high rainfall. As the weather starts to cool down in the month of August, being outside and in your backyard becomes more appealing, and that time should be spent worry-free!

There are numerous options for your yard to become tick free, but most of them are not long lasting and contain chemicals that you may not want on your garden or pets. A good alternative for avoiding ticks this summer is to add a deck or screened porch to your home, creating a new place for relaxation and increasing property values. A deck will allow you the ability to walk around parts of your yard without worrying about applying bug spray, or wearing uncomfortable clothing during warmer parts of the year to avoid ticks. A deck can also create a more defined space for items like grills and potted plants, and provide the ideal space for outdoor parties. A screened porch provides even more bug protection, and offers a space for outdoor furniture that needs to be kept out of the rain.

A deck or screened porch will benefit you and your home long past tick season, and Gerald Jones offers a wide variety of options to create the ideal space for your home. When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a new custom design by the Durham and North Raleigh contractor who’s dedicated to getting the job done right, contact us to get your free, no-obligation estimate today!