Nothing can be more uncomfortable on a blistering summer day than not being able to feel relief from the heat in your own home. You wake up with the sun and make your coffee, while outside temperatures slowly begin to rise. By midmorning you realize your house is getting warmer, too.  This is the part you dread about summer. All winter you waited for longer days and the feeling of the sun on your skin and now you are closing the blinds and curtains – anything to keep your house cool and relaxing.


Why use your windows to fight the sun when you could use them to embrace it? Picking the right windows could be the most important step to keeping your home cool, allowing the joy of the summer sun into the comfort of your own home, while keeping out the heat. Your home shouldn’t have to be a dark, dreary place during the brightest time of the year!


Replacing your windows not only allows you the ability to include your personal style into your home, it also ensures the summer heat stays outside while cool air stays in. Choosing from a variety of window types lets you determine how direct sunlight will affect the temperature in your home. With proper materials and installment, replacement windows will keep your home cool and your energy bill down, allowing you to have your own indoor oasis from high temperatures and humidity this summer, and for seasons to come.


Don’t settle for the heat inside this summer. Gerald Jones Company has the expertise, staff and large selection of replacement window choices to take good care of you and your home. Contact us today to get started with a free, no-obligation estimate (919) 286-1700