Now that you have invested wisely in various home improvement projects, it’s time for you to celebrate the summer holidays with a backyard barbecue with friends and family! 

​Consider these tips to help you really enjoy your home and the work that has been done, 

  • To extend the life and beauty of your wood surfaces like fences and decks, make sure to take the time to periodically pressure wash the surface. After washing the surface,  apply a stain and seal the wood. This protects your outdoor handiwork and keeps surfaces safe from the sometimes harsh elements.
  • Now is the perfect time to grab a can of paint! Warm temps make for ideal conditions to attempt exterior touch ups. When you can spot a dull spot or stain, it is time to grab the brush. It is important to be proactive with this task, and act before the damage to the surface is beyond just paint.
  • Summer rains can make it easier to bring mud and dirt in from the outdoors. Keep your new floors and carpets clean by adding a second door mat in high traffic areas. A simple and affordable solution to avoid frequent cleaning is to place an additional place to leave shoes or wipe feet before entering. Choose one mat with a rough material to get off junk and one mat with a softer material to soak up the wet mess.

At Gerald Jones, we are celebrating 60 years of restoring joy into our customer’s homes. We love helping homeowners create their ideal outdoor living space. Whether you want a deck, a sunroom, or an addition to your porch, we can help bring your dream to life. Visit our showroom or give us a call at 919.286.1700 to talk with one our design professionals!