Cuddle up at home with your loved ones this month. Winter is chilly and spending time indoors is more appealing than facing the cold. By spending more time inside, we seem to notice all those little areas of improvement we want to do to our home. One that gets more attention for  opportunities are  windows.

On any given blustery day, you can easily spot or feel a draft where heat may be escaping. Try these do it yourself tricks to identify leaky windows in your home today.


Do a visual scan around the outer edges of each window and pane. Check for signs of damaged caulk or molding. Every section should be sealed tightly or you are at risk for increased utility bills and heat escaping. Another thing to keep an eye out for is signs of daylight peeking through. If you can see the outdoors coming in, cold are is finding its way in as well.


Pick up an infrared thermometer and get to work. If the feel test alone isn’t doing it, these devices can detect colder temperatures and identify compromising areas where air is slipping through, both in and out.


If all of this sounds overwhelming, call us (919-286-1700). We are happy to come out and easily identify those areas of immediate improvements. Our qualified team will determine if a full replacement is necessary. Then we will work with you to decide what option best suits your needs and your budget.

Energy saving styles like wood framed, vinyl, and fiberglass are custom built to enhance the look and value of your home. Our goal is to keep you cozy and comfy all winter long and ahead of the game for when the temps turn warm.

Start saving and falling in love with the windows your family home deserve.