Cold weather may have much of your outdoor landscape looking a little drab, but you don’t need warmer days to ensure that passer-bys take a second look at your home. By making changes now and planning exterior upgrades for 2017, you can love your home and yard more than ever this year! Consider these tips for improving curb appeal:

Focus on Lighting

The days are still short, so it’s likely that many people only see your property in the fading light of dusk or night. Pathway lighting makes walkways safer and more appealing, while strategically placed exterior lighting fixtures help feature your home’s best qualities (like a beautiful entry door or stone accents).

Improve Siding

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, siding serves to protect a home’s infrastructure from water damage and wood rot. Unfortunately, siding is often poorly maintained and damaged over time, leaving a home vulnerable to water damage and not looking its best. Fortunately, siding can usually be replaced quite easily, and there are so many excellent new product lines that are even more durable and attractive than what was available years ago. For our mild Raleigh climate, Gerald Jones Company recommends fiber cement siding to most of our clients.

Look Up at the Roof

Much like siding, the roof is a crucial player in a home’s protection from water damage, wood-rot and mold. It also contributes to energy efficiency and proper ventilation. Because the roof and its components are above eye level, warped shingles and rotted fascia are not always evident to the homeowner, but an old roof can still detract from the curb appeal of the home. Replacing a roof is a big investment, so plan ahead for this significant (but highly impactful) update.

Add Hardscaping

Are your plants, flowers, and grass looking a little worse for wear thanks to winter weather? Now is a good time to incorporate unique stone pavers, fountains, rock gardens and more.

There are plenty of ways to make your home even more beautiful in 2017. If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area and looking to plan a siding replacement, roof replacement or other exterior remodel, call Gerald Jones Company today at (919) 286-1700.