Here in Durham, we are lucky to experience generally mild winters compared to those up North, but that doesn’t make home winterization any less important. Sealing up windows and doors, making sure to run water to avoid freezing pipes, having the chimney cleaned, and getting the HVAC system inspected all help make sure that you stay warm and your home stays intact. One winterization task many people don’t even think about is removing their window and door screens for winter.

Why should you take your screens out of windows and screen doors before it gets cold?

  • You won’t likely be opening the windows to let a breeze in for a good three or four months.
  • When we do get snow or experience a deep freeze, snow & ice accumulation can make screens sag and break. This can also prevent screen doors from opening.
  • You get the opportunity to clean window panes and ridges that aren’t accessible with the screen in place.
  • You can take advantage of more solar energy to heat your home, as window screens block 30% of the sun’s light–an asset in spring and summer but a big drawback in winter.
  • Removing the screens offers a chance to check them for damage and wear that you wouldn’t usually be able to see. Discard those and replace them with new ones in the springtime. That means fewer mosquitoes and bugs in the house when the weather warms.

Keep your window screens in a dry place where they aren’t likely to be torn or damaged over the course of winter. Before replacing them in spring, clean them and check for any wear that you may not have noticed at the beginning of the season. All of these steps help protect the investment you’ve made in your windows and doors, and ultimately, in your home.

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