Summer is here, and North Carolina is heating up. The hot weather has many of us looking to find that balance between enjoying the outdoors without getting too hot. Awnings may be your answer! The leading manufacturer in awnings, Aristocrat, provides convenient, durable solutions for every home.

Awnings are a great solution for your deck, patio, balcony, sliding glass doors and windows. They offer many benefits to your home, including:

  • Easy cool shade outdoors – and indoors, too!
  • Relaxation under your awning in any weather
  • Protect your family from harmful UV rays
  • Less sun that enters your home through windows and doors
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Prevent furnishings from fading


Gerald Jones Company offers and installs the complete line of Aristocrat awning products:


  • retractable awnings
  • canopies
  • solar shades
  • drop shades
  • motorized screens
  • window awnings
  • horizontal shades
  • TS Squared
  • railings
  • aluminum awnings
  • commercial applications
  • screen rooms/patio covers


At Gerald Jones Company, we can not only install and repair your awning, but we can also help you select the right solutions for your home based on your lifestyle. Our trained professionals will ensure a proper fit, quick installation, and selection of a quality product that will work best for your home.


Our customers love that their awnings installed by our home improvement experts allow them to get even more comfort and convenience out of their homes. Don’t wait until that Raleigh-Durham summer heat has already arrived – call us today to discuss the awning options for your home!