In the age of the Internet, we’re more inundated than ever with companies promising to fit your every home design need – but that’s not always a good thing. The choices can be particularly overwhelming when it comes to searching for the right Raleigh-Durham, NC exterior home remodeling company. Picking the right one is more important than ever — especially with your home value potentially hanging in the balance. That’s why Gerald Jones Company has compiled a list of the top five qualities we think you should be looking for when it comes to finding the perfect exterior home remodeling company in the Raleigh-Durham area.

  1. Reputable RemodelReputable reviews. In a few clicks, you can have all the information you’d ever want on the Internet — and that includes reviews written by people who have used the remodeling company before. Search for positive and negative reviews of a contractor you’re interested in, and make sure you read the reasons why those reviews were given.
  2. A substantial and impressive portfolio. If you did poorly on a project, you probably wouldn’t want to show it off. The same concept applies to Raleigh-Durham home contractors and remodeling companies, so check out what their previous home plans look like online. If they are proud of their work, they’ll show it off on their website.
  3. Open communication. A company that has nothing to hide won’t act like they do. Simply put –if you get the run around on pricing or scheduling up front, that will likely continue for the rest of the project. You have high expectations for your Raleigh-Durham home design ideas, and the remodeling company you work with should as well.
  4. Legitimate improvement suggestions. We’ve all heard the saying that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The same applies to home improvements. A good contractor won’t try to talk you into things you either already have and like or don’t need.
  5. A sense of trustworthiness. Trust your gut! If you sense something is off with the Raleigh-Durham remodeling company you’re considering, you could very well be right. You shouldn’t feel uneasy before you sign off on a big project. If something feels wrong, that’s probably not a company you should be working with.

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