Try These Tricks To Identify Leaky Windows Today

Cuddle up at home with your loved ones this month. Winter is chilly and spending time indoors is more appealing than facing the cold. By spending more time inside, we seem to notice all those little areas of improvement we want to do to our home. One that gets more attention for  opportunities are  windows.

On any given blustery day, you can easily spot or feel a draft where heat may be escaping. Try these do it yourself tricks to identify leaky windows in your home today.


Do a visual scan around the outer edges of each window and pane. Check for signs of damaged caulk or molding. Every section should be sealed tightly or you are at risk for increased utility bills and heat escaping. Another thing to keep an eye out for is signs of daylight peeking through. If you can see the outdoors coming in, cold are is finding its way in as well.


Pick up an infrared thermometer and get to work. If the feel test alone isn’t doing it, these devices can detect colder temperatures and identify compromising areas where air is slipping through, both in and out.


If all of this sounds overwhelming, call us (919-286-1700). We are happy to come out and easily identify those areas of immediate improvements. Our qualified team will determine if a full replacement is necessary. Then we will work with you to decide what option best suits your needs and your budget.

Energy saving styles like wood framed, vinyl, and fiberglass are custom built to enhance the look and value of your home. Our goal is to keep you cozy and comfy all winter long and ahead of the game for when the temps turn warm.

Start saving and falling in love with the windows your family home deserve.

Resolve to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home in 2017

Cold weather may have much of your outdoor landscape looking a little drab, but you don’t need warmer days to ensure that passer-bys take a second look at your home. By making changes now and planning exterior upgrades for 2017, you can love your home and yard more than ever this year! Consider these tips for improving curb appeal:

Focus on Lighting

The days are still short, so it’s likely that many people only see your property in the fading light of dusk or night. Pathway lighting makes walkways safer and more appealing, while strategically placed exterior lighting fixtures help feature your home’s best qualities (like a beautiful entry door or stone accents).

Improve Siding

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, siding serves to protect a home’s infrastructure from water damage and wood rot. Unfortunately, siding is often poorly maintained and damaged over time, leaving a home vulnerable to water damage and not looking its best. Fortunately, siding can usually be replaced quite easily, and there are so many excellent new product lines that are even more durable and attractive than what was available years ago. For our mild Raleigh climate, Gerald Jones Company recommends fiber cement siding to most of our clients.

Look Up at the Roof

Much like siding, the roof is a crucial player in a home’s protection from water damage, wood-rot and mold. It also contributes to energy efficiency and proper ventilation. Because the roof and its components are above eye level, warped shingles and rotted fascia are not always evident to the homeowner, but an old roof can still detract from the curb appeal of the home. Replacing a roof is a big investment, so plan ahead for this significant (but highly impactful) update.

Add Hardscaping

Are your plants, flowers, and grass looking a little worse for wear thanks to winter weather? Now is a good time to incorporate unique stone pavers, fountains, rock gardens and more.

There are plenty of ways to make your home even more beautiful in 2017. If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area and looking to plan a siding replacement, roof replacement or other exterior remodel, call Gerald Jones Company today at (919) 286-1700.

Reviews Tell the Story

The construction industry sometimes has a bad reputation, which is one of the reasons we work so hard to make sure we exceed our customers’ expectations.  We love the work we do, and we’re always honored to get feedback, like this replacement window review from Morgan W.:

“Excellent service! Todd was prompt to respond to my request for an estimate. He then made suggestions we had not thought of about the style we were going for and the type of window that would work for our needs and budget. Windows were promptly ordered, built, and installed within one month. His installation crew worked from early in the morning until sundown to ensure the windows were completed in one day. Todd even came out to make sure all was well and even took his guys to lunch. Cannot say how refreshing it was to have such an EASY and pleasant experience with this. Price was half the price that we were quoted from several other companies. Also, supporting the locals is very important to us! Thanks so much for incredible service. Our windows are beautiful.”

Thanks Morgan, we enjoyed working with you and look forward to future projects.

You can read more of our reviews and testimonials, here.

Winter Is Coming. Should I Take Out My Window Screens?

Here in Durham, we are lucky to experience generally mild winters compared to those up North, but that doesn’t make home winterization any less important. Sealing up windows and doors, making sure to run water to avoid freezing pipes, having the chimney cleaned, and getting the HVAC system inspected all help make sure that you stay warm and your home stays intact. One winterization task many people don’t even think about is removing their window and door screens for winter.

Why should you take your screens out of windows and screen doors before it gets cold?

  • You won’t likely be opening the windows to let a breeze in for a good three or four months.
  • When we do get snow or experience a deep freeze, snow & ice accumulation can make screens sag and break. This can also prevent screen doors from opening.
  • You get the opportunity to clean window panes and ridges that aren’t accessible with the screen in place.
  • You can take advantage of more solar energy to heat your home, as window screens block 30% of the sun’s light–an asset in spring and summer but a big drawback in winter.
  • Removing the screens offers a chance to check them for damage and wear that you wouldn’t usually be able to see. Discard those and replace them with new ones in the springtime. That means fewer mosquitoes and bugs in the house when the weather warms.

Keep your window screens in a dry place where they aren’t likely to be torn or damaged over the course of winter. Before replacing them in spring, clean them and check for any wear that you may not have noticed at the beginning of the season. All of these steps help protect the investment you’ve made in your windows and doors, and ultimately, in your home.

If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, call Gerald Jones Company at 919.286.1700 to discuss your next exterior home project.

Bring Calm to Your Home This Season

As we enter the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s important to take time for yourself enjoy some true relaxation. At Gerald Jones Company, we believe that home should be a person’s oasis during stressful times. Unfortunately, there are some common barriers to relaxation in and around the home.

Too Cold and Drafty

While we love curling up under a warm blanket with a great book in hand, it’s hard to stay comfortable when a draft is coming through the windows and doors. The source of the draftiness could simply be a lack of weatherstripping (a fairly easy weekend DIY project for the handy homeowner), but damaged windows are culprits that may require replacement. Keep your energy bills lower this winter and stay cozy by making sure your home is properly winterized.

Not Enough Room

For many, the holidays are a time for entertaining. When family comes into town to stay, you may notice that there simply isn’t enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves without bumping elbows. One way to alleviate this source of stress is to install a sunroom where folks can gather year-round (as opposed to chilly winter nights spent on the deck). A sunroom is an investment, but it’s one that you definitely won’t regret!

The Little Things That Detract From Curb Appeal

Whether it’s droopy siding, damaged gutters or dingy railings on the porch, every home has those “quirks” that can get under a homeowner’s skin every time they pull in the driveway. Our advice? Fix it and enjoy some peace of mind!

Gerald Jones Company specializes in all the home improvement services that make life simple and home exactly where you want to be. Call us today at (919) 286-1700 to talk about your next project.

Add Security and Style to Your Home with a Storm Door

With Hurricane Matthew threatening the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic region, homeowners naturally become more aware of how susceptible their home is to damage from the elements – hurricanes or otherwise.  One home improvement option we recommend is installing a storm door to protect your front door from the elements, and add security and value to your home!

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is an additional outer door that protects your main entry door from weather and the elements.  A properly installed storm door creates a seal to prevent rain, ice, snow, and other outdoor elements from reaching and damaging the main entry door of the home, which is often fairly expensive to replace or repair.

Better Insulation

Entry doors are often the main points of air leakage in and out of a home.  Adding this additional layer of a door creates better insulation between the home and the outdoors, and thus offers a more energy-efficient solution for your entryway in any season.

Security and Peace of Mind

If home safety is a major concern, there are storm doors with enhanced safety measures, like thicker frames, multiple locks and security grilles. Styles with locking mechanisms offer the added bonus of one more barrier of security from unwanted visitors or intruders.

Boost Curb Appeal

Your front doors can take a beating: Paw prints, mud kicked up from shoes, dirt and moisture from the outside. Storm doors used to all look pretty much the same, with a basic white frame, single-pane option being your only choice. Thankfully, now there are a variety of high-quality storm door options that match the style of your home’s windows, siding, trim and more:

  • Frames that come in a variety of colors to match your home’s color scheme
  • Hardware in a variety of finishes to complete a seamless look
  • Decorative glass panels that add an artistic touch to your entryway

Ventilation in Good Weather

Storm doors with screen panels offer the right amount of light and fresh air into your home when the weather is nice and you may not necessarily need both doors closed.


Whether Hurricane Matthew decides to visit North Carolina or not, you’ll want to consider a storm door for added protection against the elements in any season. Gerald Jones Company are the experts in the Raleigh-Durham region for entry door replacement and storm door installation. We’d love to talk with you!

5 Reasons to Thank Your New Siding!

Choosing to replace your siding offers many benefits for your home and your family. What kind of benefits you might ask? Your new siding will have you nodding in agreement with the following:

  1. No moisture problems here! The primary purpose of siding is to protect your home, mold and foundation from rain, snow, sleet, ice and other elements. New siding acts as a weatherproof seal to protect your home from water damage, unnecessary heating and cooling, and other structural problems.
  2. Can you say, “Curb Appeal?” – Your siding is essentially a coat for your home, in more ways than just insulation. If this coat is faded, cracked, or showing its age in any number of ways, it is not offering up its best possible first impression. Ensure that your home is looking sharp by investing in
  3. Less time for Maintenance = More time to Relax. If your weekend plans include painting or power washing the exterior of your home, we feel your pain. An added benefit of durable HardiePlank or high-quality vinyl options is that they do not need much in terms of maintenance.
  4. A solid investment for your property value. Replacing siding is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve your home, and can help make a home’s exterior look virtually brand new. This relatively inexpensive upgrade can also mean more dollars in your pocket down the road: on average, siding adds a 78 percent return at resale and once installed, it requires little maintenance and lasts for many years.
  5. Doing your part to save the world! Okay, that one may be a slight exaggeration, but fiber cement siding options like HardiePlank are often proclaimed as the green alternative to vinyl and are made up of sand, cement, and wood pulp. During the manufacturing process, Fiber Cement emits fewer dioxins as well as there is no release of dangerous fumes. Either way, if you opt for any variety of new siding – from James Hardie to vinyl to wood – you will be reducing your energy costs, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint.

If you are instead living with old siding that is showing its age, you are probably not experiencing these same benefits listed above. Invest in the longevity of your home by making the switch to improved siding options from Raleigh Durham’s trusted home improvement contractors at Gerald Jones Company! Give us a call for your free estimate today – 919.286.1700.


Premium vinyl siding on contemporary house

Your Home Improvement Checklist for Fall

fall autumn Leaves in a rain gutterAround this time of year, we often hear how homeowners experience the feeling of Fall’s cold weather “sneaking up” on them. We can certainly understand this, but it’s important to note that the change in seasons brings about some important concerns for your home. Early fall is the best time to get a head start on these home improvement projects before the cold weather hits:

  • Autumn maintenance for your home means preparing your spaces for the chill of wintertime before it comes knocking on your door. And on that note, have you given your doors a look lately? Front and rear entry doors are major culprits for allowing drafts into your home, as they are the most heavily used doors in the house. A sturdy, upgraded door will not only provide more comfort and security for your family, it can give new life to your entire home during a time of year where outdoor decorations make your front walkway a focal point with Halloween, Thanksgiving and holiday decorations.
  • Do more than just clean those gutters. If the thought of getting up onto a ladder to clean and check out your gutters makes you cringe, rest assured that there are solutions that mean less maintenance throughout the year. Gutter Guards from Gerald Jones Company offer a better alternative, that will mean less time up on a dangerous ladder!
  • Check your siding for any signs of cracks or pulling away from the house. Siding protects your home from the elements, and harsh winter weather is not the time to find out you have a siding or insulation issue. Get ahead of your siding concerns before they turn into bigger problems as temperatures drop!
  • Inspect your windows and repair areas which may have become brittle, cracked, or have pulled away from the surface. If you can answer YES to any of these questions, it may be time to invest in new window systems altogether to better protect your home.
  • Get on top of roof problems now by having one of our home improvement specialists come inspect your roofing to check for signs of potential damage that could be hazardous to your entry door installation

Taking care of the above fall home maintenance checklist early on in the season can protect your home and even your family. It’s important to have a trained home improvement professional handle any necessary repairs or upgrades to save you both time and money, and ensure the job is done right the first time.

Don’t wait until the leaves have all fallen and the snow starts to fall – give Gerald Jones Company a call today for all of your Raleigh-Durham area home improvement needs this fall!  We’re happy to talk with you and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for any work that may need to be completed for your house: (919) 286-1700.



Summertime Can Expose Your Home’s Problem Areas

The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle area has a reputation for having hot, humid summers, and it’s no surprise that this weather has certain negative impacts on the structure and exterior of your home.

Heat and humidity can not only expose the problem areas around your home, but it can also accelerate the wear and tear to create new issues. Between humidity, storms and soaring temperatures, your home is pushed to its limits during the summer months. Thankfully, there are things you can do to minimize the potential for damage:

Examine the Roof

One simple way to see if there is any major damage to your roof is by checking your attic for water stains or leaks. Going up onto the roof can help give you a more in-depth inspection. Rather than trying to do this dangerous task yourself, give our team a call to have one of our home improvement experts come evaluate the state of your roof. Asphalt shingles, one of the most popular roofing materials, can begin to degrade when repeatedly exposed to high temperatures. What looks like just one torn shingle may actually be hiding far more extensive damage.


Clean those Gutters

Your gutters work hard to protect your home’s foundation and siding from water damage, and heavy summer rain and thunderstorms can be devastating to this part of your home. Luckily, the Gerald Jones Company has quality gutter products in stock year-round that help minimize the amount of time you are up on a ladder tending to your gutters.

Make Windows Energy-Efficient

If you have the air conditioning set on full blast but your home still doesn’t seem to feel cool, you may need to examine your windows. Windows with the right insulation and UV protection will make a huge difference on your energy bills as you try to combat the summer heat.

Check your Sprinklers

If your sprinkler system is placed too close to your house, you are creating excess moisture around the exterior of your home, which can build up in the siding and cause damage.


Learning to recognize the first signs of heat, humidity and moisture damage to your home can help you catch a problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

To request a free quote, please contact us at 919-286-1700. Let us help you beat the heat this summer by taking care of those home improvement projects for you!

Aristocrat Awnings Add Comfort and Convenience to Your Entire Home!

Summer is here, and North Carolina is heating up. The hot weather has many of us looking to find that balance between enjoying the outdoors without getting too hot. Awnings may be your answer! The leading manufacturer in awnings, Aristocrat, provides convenient, durable solutions for every home.

Awnings are a great solution for your deck, patio, balcony, sliding glass doors and windows. They offer many benefits to your home, including:

  • Easy cool shade outdoors – and indoors, too!
  • Relaxation under your awning in any weather
  • Protect your family from harmful UV rays
  • Less sun that enters your home through windows and doors
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Prevent furnishings from fading


Gerald Jones Company offers and installs the complete line of Aristocrat awning products:


  • retractable awnings
  • canopies
  • solar shades
  • drop shades
  • motorized screens
  • window awnings
  • horizontal shades
  • TS Squared
  • railings
  • aluminum awnings
  • commercial applications
  • screen rooms/patio covers


At Gerald Jones Company, we can not only install and repair your awning, but we can also help you select the right solutions for your home based on your lifestyle. Our trained professionals will ensure a proper fit, quick installation, and selection of a quality product that will work best for your home.


Our customers love that their awnings installed by our home improvement experts allow them to get even more comfort and convenience out of their homes. Don’t wait until that Raleigh-Durham summer heat has already arrived – call us today to discuss the awning options for your home!

Gerald Jones Company proudly serves homeowners in Cary, Apex, Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, North Raleigh, Morrisville, Hillsborough, Roxboro, Mebane and the surrounding communities.